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Coffee in the Crew Room with Bafta Nominated Director Jan Genesis

Jan directs some of the biggest shows and events, but hear why he is so passionate about training the next generation of talented Directors.

Coffee in the Crew Room with Broadcast Engineer Ed Brown

Ed Brown is a gym owner, a black belt in jiu jitsu and a Broadcast Engineer. Listen to Ed’s views on the improvements that need to be made within the TV industry for the young and diverse.

Coffee in the Crew Room with Senior Solutions Architect Shazia Khan

Shazia works for one of the biggest streaming media companies on the planet and at one point she was the only female engineer in a 12 person team. Listen to how she became a Senior Solutions Architect for Amazon Prime Video.

Coffee in the Crew Room with Senior Producer Gav Sidhu

Gav lives in the very fast paced world of Daytime TV, and being a senior Producer means he has to be on high alert for the next big story to break.

Coffee in the Crew Room with Sound Supervisor Kevin Paice

Kevin Paice has worked in the sound department for over 40 years and therefore, has extensive knowledge on how the industry has changed for the better however, recognises the work and growth that needs to be done to improve inclusion and diversity.

Coffee in the Crew Room with Camera Woman Gemma Partridge

Gemma has worked her way through a male dominated camera department to be one of the most sought after Operators in the industry. Hear what Gemma has had to go through to get there.

Coffee in the Crew Room with the Bafta award winning Lighting Director David Bishop

David Bishop has lit some of the biggest watched TV in the world, including the Queens royal funeral, here he shares his thoughts on what needs to be done to improve the TV industry.

Coffee in the Crew Room with runner and Studio Tech Hawa Mahawa

Listen to the amazing story of Hawa Mahawa and the struggles she's faced as a young underrepresented woman in the TV industry.
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