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Adam lawrence

HI there, Just having a look through of your Treatment, the over concept is a great start, though a few pointers.

XR 1, the key messaging in the Midground is getting lost, you need to pull focus to it, the image is really busy, so you need to make it work for you. Also the XR I didn.t see the first time round. Look at other options for how you’re laying out the Type.

XR2, the copy on the left is way to much all in CAPS and in so many different sizes, yes its a statement, but look how you can break it down, also the key words your drawing focus to look at how you can make them stand out, should you go green.?

TONAL SHIFTS just gets lost again, you need to look how you draw focus again.

I would say, don’t be scared of blank spaces, you don’t need to fill all the space with Copy,

Hopefully that helps.