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Chloe Mourant

Hey Guys! Callum/Charlie,

I’m a camera assistant in the industry, I mainly do Studio and Reality, but have done the odd bit of drama.
I think its a great idea to get a job in a kit room as you learn the kit inside out which I think the industry really lacks at times, is technical knowledge.

Theres very few places that offer staff jobs any more they are like gold dust. So learning is hard, teaching on busy jobs is hard as you really need someone to give you the time to go through things when theres alot to take in.

Errol is right, there really is no right path. I think any experience you can get, especially hands on all works.
What James said as well about runner positions, its so hard as runners are so rarely seen on a studio floor or by the camera/lighting guys as they are usually so so busy doing a list of things for production that it just seems most runners end up in production roles. Although saying that, I knew afew runners who are now really busy camera asisstants, as they knew they wanted to do cameras and the only job they could get was running, so every single break they had… would go and get to know the camera guys and offer teas coffees etc literally just to be seen… and were just very verbal about wanting to do cameras, so as soon as an opportunity came up, we already knew their face.

Its hard at this exact moment because of Covid, its hard to get new bodies into studios and sets because numbers are crushed right now, but really hoping when stuff starts to relax more work experience slots will start opening up.
I would honestly say keep and eye on forums like this, and websites like just to try and get any experience you possibly can, its a slow process but you’ll get there.