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Hi Callum,

I hope you’re well,

My advice is to try and find a position where you will be working on camera as much as possible. A hire company will allow you to learn more about the equipment and maintenance etc, however how much time will you actually be working on a production where you can gain experience? You need something that you can add to your experience and gain credits where possible.
A role such as a camera assistant or a Multi Skilled Operator (MSO) will be the best path for someone trying to gain experience in the industry. You can either go for a staff role where you will get to work on many different genres of shows in a short period of time or try and find camera assistant roles where you can work closely with a team who might keep hiring you for work and will build trust with them.
There is no right path, however as long as you are constantly learning and hands on with a camera you are on the right track. If you find a job in a hire company it will be very difficult to then try and jump on a crew that already have assistants that they trust and will want to help them gain the experience.
There are a few camera operators on the academy so they might have a different view or even offer some work experience in the future, so keep your eyes open for any job opportunities or keep asking questions.

I hope that helps,