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Hi Olivia, yes Mattie has made some great points above and I’d agree with everything he’s said. It’s about getting that first foot in the door as you say, whether that’s a running job, work experience or even a shadow day. If you can, contact people directly even if it’s just to request / offer a shadow day. Then once you get that first opportunity, make the most of it. If it’s doing tea runs as a runner, make a point of remembering people’s names (write them down, Bradley Walsh once gave a closing speech at The London Studios and that advise on remembering names stood out to me, he said that’s been vital for him in how his career progressed). Show an interest in what each person is doing (you may discover an interesting role you’d never considered before). In general, people in the industry are very happy to help new starters so be positive, work hard and be open to all opportunities. A good runner really stands out. I started as a runner and really enjoyed it. I’ve seen plenty of runners progress to very senior positions and I’m now employed as a freelance by many of them! Good luck and please ask any questions you like!