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    Since first posting on the Crew Room Academy 6 months ago my life has effectively transformed. I was a television production graduate fresh out of Uni with zero connections and no way of getting into the industry. Aside from these factors, I also had the significant disadvantage of being from Somerset where very little production work takes place.

    Not knowing anyone in this industry and not living in or anywhere near London, can (unfortunately) strongly effect whether you are able to get any work. And so, with no connections and regional hindrances, I had no clear route into the industry with no idea of where to even start. I felt at a loss and worried if I could ever get anywhere being from where I’m from and not having the financial means to move to London.

    And then, I posted on the Crew Room. Just stating my aspirations and asking for any advice. And, a mere month and 2 or 3 posts later, I received a response inviting me to go to ITV Daytime and shadow the camera crew on This Morning!

    From that point on, I was constantly back and forth from London having all of these incredible opportunities and learning experiences that felt so surreal to me because I never expected to be so fortunate as to have my first ever experience on a professional television set to be on one of the most popular daytime shows in the UK.

    Following this, I was able to secure my first paid work as a Multi-Skilled Operator for TalkTV. Which, I applied for through the Crew Room. Just 4 months after that initial post on the academy, I had been on the set of 3 of ITV’s major daytime shows, gotten my first ever paid TV job and gained more experience than I could’ve possibly hoped for.

    And today, I have been offered a full-time position as a Junior Kit Room Technician. All thanks to each of these experiences that have been brought about by the Crew Room and their efforts to help people like me.

    6 months ago I was a Uni grad with no experience.

    Now, I have a full-time position in a Kit Room in Central London, and a flat in West London to which I am moving to, in just 3 weeks time. None of which, would be happening without that initial post. And, I am so so incredibly grateful and excited to keep progressing my career and see what the future holds for me – what ever comes next!

    All of this is happening because of one simple post. To say that this initiative is important, would be a vast understatement. The doors that it has opened for me is nothing short of incredible.

    This initiative has the potential to be truly life-changing to it’s users and particularly, in bringing these opportunities to those of us who don’t have a head start.


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    Hey Charlie,

    We can’t thank you enough for your kind words!

    It’s incredible for us to see first hand how the Crew Room Academy has helped enable you to start your career in TV. I’m positive that your drive, passion and determination has made this happen for you, from taking all of the opportunities which were offered, as-well as jumping the locational hurdles.

    It sounds like you’ve had an amazing journey so far and you’re only just beginning. PLEASE keep us updated on the new role in the Crew Room as I’m sure it will help others.

    Enjoy 🙂

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