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    Hi All,

    Advice here has been really great so far. So I wanted to ask about how you might find and approach applying for positions in kit rooms? I’m a TV Production Graduate, looking to work in the camera and lighting department and I’ve been advised that starting out in a kit room is often a better route than a runner position. However, I’m unsure of where I would find this sort of job, who hires a kit room assistant, or where a position such as this would be advertised.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    HI Charlie

    Kit rooms are a great stepping stone into the industry, I have worked in one for two years and it really helped, the learning curve in a kit room is really good, also the people you meet.

    Most rental houses in the UK are based in London:

    Genesis Hire
    Pro Motion
    Alias Hire

    And there is a lot more , just google Broadcast Rental houses in London and you will find a lot, these days they are desperate for people.

    Send out your CV, keep your Linkedin updated, and keep on trying.

    All the best

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    Hi Javier,

    Thank you – that’s so helpful. Kit rooms do sound like a really good fit for me, your advice is very appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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    Dan Studley

    Hi Charlie,

    In terms of applying for any kit room position; if you don’t have any real world experience to build off, I would always recommend applying for a junior role either as a driver or lower skilled position and using the kit room company’s in-house training scheme to work your way up the ladder. The real world skills that you’ll observe and learn going through the process (although sometimes tedious and frustrating) really do give you a great base for your career.

    I work at Procam Take 2 so I am slightly biased, however the techs and assistants that come through our doors really do get a great knowledge and it’s always great to see them flourish.

    To echo Javier’s comments, approaching a company directly either on the phone, website or HR will get you in. I’d suggest researching the types of equipment that the company hires out and the types of shows that they support so you can narrow down your search to your chosen career. The industry is crying out for more people so once you know where you want to go, get in contact and hopefully the rest fill follow.

    Good luck!

Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 replies

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