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    Hello! My name is Olivia, I’ve been working as Assistant Cruise Director for the last 5 years and am looking to transfer my skills and experience into a land based production role in TV. Does anyone have any advice for someone changing industries and how best to get your foot in the door? In addition to producing live shows, I have worked in front of the camera as a presenter and actor, is there ever much crossover between the two? Or are they two very different streams of work? Keen to gain experience and knowledge wherever I can. Thank you!

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    Neil Horsman

    Hi Olivia,

    I’d imagine the kind of skills you’d have gained working on the Cruise ship would be invaluable to production – organisation, logistics, multi-tasking, handling talent etc – so I would really push these things in your CV – I don’t think the fact that is was on a ship should hold you back or be a negative to recruiters – if anything it gives you an extra edge as I imagine you were limited to resources and had to be resourceful being in an isolated environment.


Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 replies

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