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    Covering 4 Live shows across 2 studios is not an easy task for a studio manager, and it’s a job that is not well known outside of the industry.

    As a studio manager my job relies heavily on the skills of the crew that work around me and especially when i’m covering as a freelancer. I won’t have all the information ahead of time due to the nature of the job, so it requires a lot of thinking on your feet and fire fighting on the spot. Of course the priority is always the show that is Live at the time, however I have to have an eye on the other 3 shows that are coming up later in the day.
    Are all the crew here on time for their shows, was there any technical issues during rehearsals, have their been any last minute changes from Production that requires my input? These are just a few questions I have to ask on my way in at 0400. Catch up with the Director and the heads of departments for each show to make sure everyone is happy and ready to go. Talk to the Technical Director regarding any live feeds, Skype calls, which is becoming more frequent during Covid. Head to the studio floor to check in on the crew and floor manager to make sure everyone knows whats happening in the show so no surprises live on air. All this before 0500, then my day really gets busy.

    My approach to a Daytime show is completely different to an Entertainment show, or a sitcom however my mindset stays the same. I have to be the one that the crew, clients or anyone else can come to at any time with an issue and I have to be in full control and deal with it. Not to panic and stay calm in any situation, which can be very difficult when everyone is under pressure to deliver.
    I may have 100 things to do but I have to have time for everyone at any moment should they need me.

    Every member of a production will have very different daily experiences to mine, yet just as important and more so on many occasions.

    I would love to hear from other professionals on how their days go and I will update with some more of my daily experiences.

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